Full Depth Reclamation

FDRCreate an improved sub-base with the materials already on site.

Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) is a process that recycles existing asphalt and the underlying base materials using a machine known as a reclaimer. With FDR, the pavement is pulverized and mixed with the existing base creating a uniform blend of aggregate. 

Using state of the art spreader trucks, specific rates of stabilizing agents such as rock, fly ash, lime or Portland cement are applied and then mixed into the pulverized blend. Compaction, shaping and smooth rolling complete the process resulting in a strong, stabilized base, which is now ready for asphalt, concrete or chip and seal surfacing.

Benefits of FDR:

- Reduced cost savings of 30 – 50% compared to traditional remove and replace method
- Conservation of natural resources (100% of asphalt and stone is recycled on-site)
- Ease of shoulder restoration and widening
- Convenient for residents. Projects allow access throughout entire operation.
- Complete elimination of pavement deficiencies (heavy patching, potholes, wheel ruts, alligator, longitudinal and reflective cracking)